Thursday, 7 July 2011

Proud sponsor of 30th Lichfield Festival

We are very proud to be sponsoring the 30th Lichfield Festival that started yesterday. As a festival sponsor we are inviting our clients to join our special concert on 14th July 2011 at St Michael's Church in Lichfield. Please see further details below...

New Zealand String Quartet...

Smetana String Quartet No.1 “From My Life”
Jack Body Three Transcriptions
Beethoven String Quartet No. 14 in C sharp minor Op.131

Helene Pohl, Douglas Beilman violin Gillian Ansell viola Rolf Gjelsten cello

With its dynamic performing style, eloquent communication and beautiful sound the New Zealand String Quartet has forged a major career in the busy international chamber music field, earning the acclaim of critics and the delighted response of audiences. The Quartet has particularly distinguished itself through imaginative programming, insightful interpretations of the string quartet repertoire including cycles of composers’ music from Mozart to Berg, and the development of an international audience for important new works from New Zealand composers, one of whom, Jack Body, features in their Lichfield programme alongside two chamber music evergreens.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Make Holidays Greener Week...

What is Make Holidays Greener Week?
Make Holidays Greener Week is a consumer campaign that has been launched by the Travel Foundation. The campaign aims to engage consumers with the idea of ‘greener’ holidays, which help to protect the environment and benefit local people in tourism destinations.

The campaign’s main focus is to challenge consumers to do three simple things when they next go on holiday that will help benefit local people and protect the environment in their holiday destinations.

What are greener holidays?
Greener holidays simply means holidays that benefit people and help protect the environment in destinations.
The great part is that everyone can make holidays greener by doing simple things, no matter what type of holiday they are going on... and, more often than not, holidaymakers will also find they have a more enriched, unique and memorable holiday experience as a result.

Robert Broad Travel helps holidaymakers go greener this summer...

Robert Broad Travel of Boley Park, Lichfield is promoting Green Issues as part of a national Make Holidays Greener campaign from the Travel Foundation, which aims to raise consumer understanding of what sustainable travel is all about.

Make Holidays Greener week, which is in its second year, runs from 2 to 9 July 2011 and will encourage holidaymakers to do just three things on their summer break to make a difference to the place they are visiting and the people living there.

The awareness week takes place just before schools break up and many families head off on their summer break, so that holidaymakers can take simple action whilst they are away.

Director Oliver Broad, said: “On a recent trip to the Galapagos Islands I was educated on how important local projects are to protect the islands and the wildlife. Many of the species are indigenous to the islands and without careful protection we would lose them. This week we are providing our clients with information about her tourism impacts destinations all over the world and we want to use the campaign to highlight the positive work being done by the travel industry – and show that by working hand-in-hand with holidaymakers we can help to protect destinations for future generations of travellers to enjoy.”

Make Holidays Greener is geared towards raising mainstream consumer understanding of
sustainable travel and how everyone can play their part in caring for destinations we love to visit on holiday.

Examples of how we can all make holidays greener include buying local crafts to support livelihoods in the area, turning off air conditioning and lights when they’re not needed to reduce energy-use, and recycling any packaging before going on holiday, helping to protect the environment in destinations.

Oliver added: “You only have to switch on the television or radio to hear how we can all make small lifestyle changes at home that together can make a huge difference to the environment - and that message is just as relevant to our holidays. If every holiday-maker did just three simple things it would create a huge impact, helping local people in holiday destinations and protecting the places we all love to visit.”

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