Monday, 31 October 2011

Marrakech: Organised chaos !

There is simply only one way to describe Marrakech: 'Organised chaos!'  The sun is out in the city and its a beautifully hot October's day, which is unusual for this time of year so make the most of it and get over here quick!

Today I had a tour of some lovely Riads, from the traditionally Morrocan Riad Farnatchi (thanks for the mint tea James) to the Wonderfully stylish La Sultana, the uber chic and retro Villa Makassar to the wonderfully welcoming Jardins de la Medina.  All very different in their own way and waiting for you to spend a hot long weekend before the days turn cool.

More hotel tours tomorrow so we can find the best places for our clients to stay in!  And then its onto the Pure Life exhibition for the rest of the week where the great and the good of experiential travel from all over the world meet  - and we are here to get the latest news and updates from some of the best properties and destinations around the world.

Until next time, Oliver.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Arrival at Hotel Cipriani Venice

This really was a movie star entrance at the Hotel Cipriani, Venice - what a fantastic hotel! If you are looking for an oasis away from the crowds then I can highly recommend this Orient-Express property, especially for a few nights before travelling back to the UK on the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express. Depending on your tastes I can personally recommend a specific room for you too.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Orient-Express experience

It is a few days now since I travelled from Venice back to the UK on the Orient Express. What a once in a lifetime experience!

The food was superb, company delightful and service impeccable. Each steward, waiter and member of the VSOE team had a story to tell. From the 2nd generation bar staff to the porters who would dare not reveal the secrets of a thousand lives hidden within the carriages from years of entertaining.

(pictured: Afternoon Tea in my cabin).

Each carriage has been carefully restored to its former glory. The three restaurant cars all carried very distinct design features and marquetry from some of the worlds most skilled artists.

Spending a night onboard is not only a once in a lifetime experience, but a real eye opener to times gone by. Each carriage has a plaque detailing its history and you can only imagine the characters that have walked through and enjoyed a special night onboard such an iconic train.

And now, following a quick stay at the Cipriani in Venice (also owned by Orient-Express) I was the next lucky one to become part of history.

The cabin was surprisingly comfortable, and one should remember this is luxury within the means of its surroundings, you are after all on a train - but of course no ordinary train!

The seats are skilfully converted into a single or bunk bed layout while you enjoy your evening dinner further down the train. The onboard stewards take great pride in their work, and as you will see when you return after dinner it is not an easy task at hand.

(me enjoying lunch on arrival)

The scenery is wonderful, the atmosphere electric as fellow explorers gain excitement as the evening progresses.

During a stop in Paris you can witness some of the interesting ways in which this working train carries out the most simplest tasks. From loading fresh fish from the local market, to the cleaning out of the previous evenings empty boxes, all is taken care of like a scientific experiment; with great care and attention.

(bar car; empty after a long night!)

I don't want to give much more away really! It certainly exceeded my expectations, I was quite frankly overwhelmed on arrival and speechless (very rare!) while I took it all in.

There is no doubt the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express should be on everyone's 'Bucket List' - I just hope one day I can return.

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Venice to London on the Orient-Express

I'm sitting at Verona station having completed our first short leg on the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express.

There is simply no better way to make the journey back to London. Each individually styled carriage is absolutely exquisite, and this is simply a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We left The Cipriani early this morning and were transported by water taxi along the Grand Canal before the crowds awoke, a must for anyone visiting Venice!

The train is superb with more room than I expected and everything attended to in the most efficient and luxurious detail.

I feel very lucky to be travelling in such style.

Right, off to lunch, lots of photographs to share when I get home!


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Location:Piazzale 25 Aprile,Verona,Italy

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Japanese evening - Oct 2011

0038_jpgRBT Japanese Evening 10006_jpg0007_jpg0008_jpg0009_jpg

Japanese evening - Oct 2011, a set on Flickr.

Photographs from our latest client event, held last week in Lichfield we were joined by Ruth Hubbard from our Japan Holidays and Tours supplier who gave a unique account of how they dealt with the disaster earlier this year.

With their own team of tour guides on the ground in Japan reporting back in real time events in the country, this fascinating account of what really happened was a real eye opener, compared with the sensational reports we read in the press back in the UK.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

LIVE from South Africa - Nathan reports...

Robert Broad Travel Director Nathan Collins is in South Africa, experiencing the Rovos Rail and a number of properties we offer to bring you first hand knowledge and advice when booking with us.  This is Nathan's second visit to South Africa and has rediscovered his love for the country...

Here is his first report back...

After a connecting flight to Hoedspruit we had arrived in the heart of the Kruger National Park. We transferred to the Timbavati Reserve to our luxury tented camp for a 2 night stay.

This was a fantastic experience. You really got the feeling you were sleeping in the bush, but still having all the luxury of running hot water and an outdoor shower. The game viewing was great and it was a really authentic African experience. We saw the big 5 within two game drives and also got a great sighting of the very rare wild dog.

After the Timbavati we took a drive to the southern part of the Kruger. You can fly this route but I opted for the 3 hour drive to see some of the country. It was a very scenic journey passing some local villages, spectacular countryside and also because of the time of year we also saw the beautiful sight of Jacaranda Trees in bloom.

On arrival into the Sabi Sands you could really notice the difference in the vegetation from the dryer North. The landscape was a little more lush as they experience slightly more rain in the South.

To be continued......

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011

RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 12RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 18RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 40RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 39RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 38RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 37
RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 36RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 34RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 35RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 33RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 32RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 31
RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 30RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 29RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 28RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 27RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 26RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 25
RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 24RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 23RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 22RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 21RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 20RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011 19

RBT Food & Travel Fair 2011, a set on Flickr.

Photo's from our Food & Travel Fair on Saturday online now, thanks to all those involved for such a great day. Congrats to Alan on his 40th year in travel!